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Complete Guide to Sunrise at Angkor Wat

February 15, 2018

There’s something magical about taking in sunrise at Angkor Wat. That is, once you get past the hundreds (maybe even thousand) people around you. Past being squished in tight like rush hour on the subway. Past…

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A Guide to Hanoi, Vietnam

January 17, 2018

The traffic was insane. Motorbikes ceased being motorbikes. The layers upon layers of motorists morphed into one large, dark, impatient mass. Then, the light turned green. The flood gates opened, and a sea poured forth into…

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36 Hours Exploring Vancouver, BC

November 29, 2017

Vancouver is a hip, bustling city surrounded by limitless options for outdoor activities. With moderate temperatures all year long, there is no wrong time to visit (though its winters can be wet). Recently, I spent 36…

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How to Spend 2 Days in Lima

November 15, 2017

Lima. The bustling capital of Peru. I’ve heard that many people opt to pass through Lima on their way to Cusco, the gate city to Machu Picchu. But, I decided to take a few days to…

weekend in Quebec City
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Spending a Weekend in Quebec City

October 23, 2017

Is there another place like Quebec City in Canada (or North America for that matter)? I don’t think so. Without crossing the Atlantic, one feels as if you landed in Europe. With its cobblestone streets, fortifications,…

diverse faces of Olympic National Park
National Parks

The Diverse Faces of Olympic National Park

September 28, 2017

Many U.S. national parks have a specific landscape that defines the park. Think the Grand Canyon or the Petrified Forest. Or, even the valley of Yosemite. Not so with Olympic. Here one can trek deep into…

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Cruising Down the US-395 on an Epic Road Trip

August 31, 2017

Explore a ghost town. Venture to a sci-fi landscape. Bask in epic mountain scenery. Survey the oldest trees in existence. Scale the tallest peak in the continental U.S. Remember injustices of the past. And that’s just…