About Me

I went on my first international journey when I was 19 and I haven’t looked back since. 21 countries later I am as excited as ever to journey to a new place (be it 20 miles from me or half way around the world) and discover what I can. Sometimes it is just finding new appreciation for nature or learning about a culture and opening myself up to a new philosophy on life. Be it hiking in the wild or strolling down a foreign street, I find that there is much to absorb from the world that has changed my way of looking at life over time.

Traveling combines my love of nature, photography, history, culture, and writing. Unfortunately, I am not a foodie and my sense of adventure stops at food (unless it’s a dessert) so I apologize for not many mentions of food on this site.

Traveling is more than just checking a box next to a destination. It is an unending journey on discovering new things about myself and better understanding this world we live in. I hope you discover the same.